Personality Marketing: Smart Data Instead of Big Data in Retail! – Part II

Personality Marketing

A short recap of Part I of Personality Marketing: Smart Data instead of Big Data in Retail. Big Data has been and will be one of the top priorities for marketers. Rich data allows for customer analytics and insights. However, another approach called Personality Marketing has a lot of advantages and less drawbacks. The concept is to segment customers into various personality types. If executed well, the approach allows for better interaction with and more respect for the customers. Since they get the actual information they are looking for. Here’s part II.  

Different colors, images and speech patterns for different customer types in Personality Marketing
The example of the furniture chain is about small data. But they are sufficient to continue supplying these customers with the information they really want. Information that addresses their needs. That matches their needs.

Why is that? Since to each of these personality types, specific products and design lines of the furniture store not only fit their needs, but also their image. Certain colors. Certain communication forms. Certain language patterns. The one who knows these patterns, knows how to address these personality types respectfully so that they feel understood. That they see their wishes respected. And are willing to receive irresistible offers.

Address potential new customers in a smart way
But how do you address potential new customers so eloquently and respectfully? Next is a business case of a large clothing store in Germany that also has an online shop. Experience shows that a large part of the people interested in fashion, both returning visitors (“do they have something that fits my taste?”) as well as local first time visitors investigate offers on the website. The fashion house in this example had integrated an attractively laid-out survey on the home page of the online store, in which prospects and customers could simply put their preferred looks together with much less data.

The test results – along with product offerings and matching special deals – were shipped in a personal report to the specified email address. If the prospect consents, then he will receive deals based on his personality type in future mailings. The report also provided a voucher, that can be used for the first purchase in a local shop of the fashion house – and not in the online shop. Customers even brought their report to the shop to show the sellers on the spot, what they like and what suits them. This approach enhances the quality of advice and customer satisfaction with the sellers enormously. Not to mention the number of purchases.

Marketing without manipulation – face-to-face communication with the customer
We don’t talk about manipulation here, but rather customers recognizing the correct personality type in our offering. Honestly, one has to admit surely that any form of marketing communication has a certain goal. There is no non-manipulative communication, because each person (and each company), has in fact a certain intention with every communication expression. But Personality Marketing aims to communicate face-to-face with customers. A communication that indicates that customers are taken seriously with their values and their attitudes. That they should not be talked into something that simply does not fit into their world.

Experience shows that Personality Marketing-based assessment tools are significantly more successful: Mailings with a personality type-based layout get more attention, flyers with type-based color are read more in detail, texts with type-based wording generate more response. Sellers with a type-based sales approach are perceived empathic, friendly and helpful.

But you don’t need Big Data! You just need Smart Data – and respect for your clients’ personality.

This was the second and last part on Personality Marketing: Smart Data instead of Big Data in Retail. So, what do you think of Personality Marketing? Kindly comment your opinions or experiences on this post.

Errol van Engelen is owner/director at Bizzmaxx, a marketing service provider specialized in improving your sales funnel through Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Solutions and Marketing & Sales Alignment.



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