Hiring a Marketing A-Team – Part I

Your Marketing A-Team

Our latest post was about the technology advancement and its impact in Marketing. In this post we would like to outline the organizational impact of deploying marketing technology. Five staff roles are essential for marketing A-Teams. How do you find new talent, and develop their skills to have success in a rapidly changing industry? Here’s part 1 of this post, part 2 will be available tomorrow.

When the Industrial Revolution emerged around 1800, an interplay of forces caused the way of work to change. Before the big industry became manifest, workers provided raw material and artisans processed the raw material into products. However, when the steam engine appeared, which triggered the Industrial Revolution, a company was able to accelerate in both areas, extraction of raw materials and manufacturing and distribution of products, which in turn led to an increased demand for raw materials. But enough history, let’s get started.

Marketing Automation has a similar effect on how we manage our data, create and deliver our programs, refine and automate our content. Those who use their data properly, have many advantages, but for the right usage you will need some experience. What skills do you need as a personnel manager for your team, and how do you contribute to their development?

  1. Data Administrators

    The task of your Data Steward is to ensure that each name and each list that you get, is imported, modified and deleted according to agreed standards. Incorrect data is regularly separated from the databases to obtain reliable figures for Sales. This professional should also manage sales made on the address list.
    For the selection of your staff, you have a number of options: Full-time or part-time employees. A great way to develop young people skills and to make your marketing more successful.Outsourcing: If you don’t have the budget for an employee or haven’t found the right person for this position, then outsourcing is a perfect way to start. You get professional advice, you get support in your projects and upcoming work will be carried out quickly. With continued outsourcing, however, you need to plan well. Make sure that your data is not becoming obsolete.Tip: Make a personal plan, especially if you are dealing with young professionals. They could soon find the work boring, think about offering a CRM training or training for marketing automation.
  2. CRM administrator In B2B marketing, the CRM Administrator is increasingly responsible for marketing reporting. Sales and marketing should use a common master database. The CRM administrator has an internal function. However, programming and integration work can be outsourced relatively easy.

     If in your company you are not working with an end-to-end reporting solution, enabling you to track requirements and objectives up to the delivery, then ask your current administrator to assist you with your marketing efforts. Pay attention to the questions he’s asking. You will easily discover whether your administrator has a flair for marketing. The right sense is necessary to ask the right questions. If your administrator hasn’t got this sense, then you may need to search for another person.

So far part 1 of ‘Hiring a marketing A-Team’. Part 2 will be available tomorrow.

What is your experience with hiring a marketing A-Team? We would appreciate your comments, ratings and shares.

Errol van Engelen is owner/director at Bizzmaxx, a marketing service provider specialized in improving your sales funnel through Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment.



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