Your Content Marketing Strategy Is In Place, But You Lack Resources – Now What?

Your Content Marketing Strategy Is In Place, But You're Lacking Resources - Now What?

Your Content Marketing Strategy Is In Place, But You Lack Resources – Now What?

As a B2B Marketer you’ve worked hard to develop your Content Marketing strategy. You’re ready to start implementing that wonderful strategy, because you know that compelling content is the #1 driver of leads. Unfortunately you lack resources –  budget or people. What can you do to drive that traffic?

Look for existing content
You already have quite a lot of content that can be structured and distributed to the appropriate online channels. Where needed, improve what you have and share it to the channels. After this, you need to find out what content is missing or what type of content will improve conversion of your current website traffic.

Develop missing content
Content you need to add to your online channels minus content you already have is what you need to develop and share. If this turns out to be a great deal of work and you don’t have the resources available, then you may be interested in buying or hiring content that improves conversion of your website traffic.

Conversion improving content
Only if this type of content is compelling to your target audience, it will generate improved conversion. You will have to search and find content providers who can boost your content and provide you higher conversion and sales leads. There are two type of content providers that you need to watch.

1   eBook providers
My experience with eBook providers is that they can provide compelling content for your website visitors. Especially in the B2B market where management eBooks are very popular items.

2   Video content providers
Since more people prefer video over books, this type of content turns out to be the biggest traffic and conversion driver for your website. This markets has grown dramatically over the years and needs to be investigated thoroughly to fulfill the video content you want to share with your website visitors.

What is the value of these content providers for you?

  • Your ROI is transparent: you increase the amount of sales leads
  • You provide a great extra service for your visitors
  • You differentiate from your competitors
  • You combine great content with social media activities
  • You increase your returning traffic     

Your turn now
What is your experience with Content Providers and what would you like to share with our readers? Don’t forget to comment, rate, share or reblog this post

Errol van Engelen is owner/director at Bizzmaxx, a marketing service provider specialized in improving your sales funnel through Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment.

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