How to Grow your Customer Base – Forget the Sales Pitch, Offer Value

How to Grow your Customer Base – Forget the Sales Pitch, Offer Value

How to Grow your Customer Base – Forget the Sales Pitch, Offer Value

As a sales person passionate about your product or service, you are in a better position compared to sales persons who don’t show that passion. Simply when you talk about services you offer, you lead the customer to be intrigued by your service.

However, your high-pressure sales tactics may intimidate many customers, making them uncomfortable with a purchase. When you focus instead on merely showcasing your product, your hesitant customers learn about your product. Consider yourself a brand advocate, presenting your best features without trying to convince your customer to buy. Difficult for a sales person? Maybe not.

Value, Value, Value
Many sales persons, maybe you too, have been focusing too much on price levels. If you focus instead on a product’s value instead of its price, your customer also focuses on the product itself, less on the price. You may remember loosing sales by setting price levels too low on your products. Customers tend to perceive your product as less valuable because of its low cost. Ask yourself, if BMW would start selling at 15,000 Euros instead of 50,000 Euros, would they sell more?

As a savvy salesperson you research your market and you predicts customer objections up front. What concerns will your customers have before making a purchase? How can you overcome those objections? Include the uniqueness of your product in your marketing collateral and you can answer those questions for potential customers and possibly save the deal.

Empathy Instead of Overselling
Before savvy prospects meet with you for a sales presentation, they’ve already researched your competitors and determined market prices. Your goal should be to listen to each customer and address their specific needs. If you continuously broadcast your product’s benefits, you will appear to be desperate. Instead, you can turn a visit into a sale being empathetic.

Empathy shows that your customer’s concerns have been heard, he feels as though he is receiving personal attention. Through listening, you can gain information about each customer which helps you with closing the deal.

Market Research Is Vital
Just like savvy customers are researching your company and products, you need to do the same before meeting with these customers. Know your target audience thoroughly, from their buying preferences up to their career desires.

For every industry, the specific preferences that concerns target groups are different. If you sell IT software, your client is concerned if your product fits in their architecture. If you sell consulting and advice, your client is concerned if your advice really helps them. If you are a start-up, your client is concerned about your track record.

Low prices don’t always win customers. Most customers are interested in added value. Determine what your product offers your target audience today. Those values and benefits will likely engage more customers than offering lower prices.

Your costumers are learning increasingly more about market offerings through abundant information on the web. Your best answer to this changed behavior is selling value instead of low prices. Empathy is a better quality today than high-pressure selling. It shows that you care about their wellbeing. Savvy customers will research your company and products, I recommended you to do the same.

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2 Responses to How to Grow your Customer Base – Forget the Sales Pitch, Offer Value

  1. bizzmaxx2012 says:

    Ellen, thanks for your comment. I come across many sales persons who still believe in hard selling. Attitude is slowly changing.

  2. Ellen says:

    I love this – two great points: the need for you to research your customer because your customer is researching YOU, and empathy over hard-sell. Thank you!

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