Make No Mistake Between Viral Marketing and Guerilla Marketing – Watch the Differences

Make No Mistake Between Viral Marketing and Guerilla Marketing – Watch the Differences

Make No Mistake Between Viral Marketing and Guerilla Marketing – Watch the Differences

In one of my recent client visits, my client asked what – if any – is the difference between viral marketing and guerrilla marketing. At that ad hoc moment it was quite difficult for me to respond in detail. I just replied that there is overlap between the two and that I would come back for more detail. Here again, I try to clarify the two terms.

Viral Marketing refers to:
A communication and sales concept where you send stories (not messages), using digital or digitized products like text, images or videos electronically through email, social networking or mobile to your consumers who distribute these stories to more potential customers in their social environment. We talk about Viral Marketing when these actions cause a potentially exponential reach and number of mentions. Or to put it differently: Viral marketing is the specific trigger by word of mouth through the use of social networks. So Viral marketing is a concept in Marketing, and usually at a certain cost. The number of examples of free viral marketing campaigns, is businesswise negligible.

While Guerrilla Marketing refers to:
Marketers trying to achieve maximum attention with minimum means. The aim is therefore to achieve maximum impact with unconventional methods and with minimal use of resources. Above all, it’s about breaking established marketing rules. With the emphasis on being relevant in the context of the target group while causing variety and surprise, in the best case for conversation. Guerrilla marketing is less a marketing method, rather an approach, usually performed by small and midsized companies.

The Difference
Guerrilla marketing is the approach of breaking conventional marketing rules, bypassing traditional outlets and using uncommon sense to reach people with marketing messages. I would loosely define Viral marketing as digital word-of-mouth marketing with the emphasis on storytelling. Common to both approaches is the intention to get into conversations with their target audience.

Your comments please
Comments and opinions on this topic are very welcome.

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