5 Bad Habits when Promotion in Social Networks

As you know, some habits are extremely difficult to get rid of. Extremely busy businessmen often commit a certain set of passive action, without thinking about how it might affect their profits.

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Some of these actions are not so harmless, if you abuse them, users may find that you are just too lazy to actively promote your business.This is a list of actions that may prevent you from successful promotion of your business in social networks and lead to a loss of users, previously attracted to your page.

Frequent requests for “likes”
As a rule, people negatively perceive frequent calls to put “like” or share the link. In fact, it doesn’t stimulate the user for further interaction and cooperation, such requests remind of asking strangers on the streets to help you, which definitely annoy people.

At first, people may even follow your “instructions”, however, many are tired of seeing friends reposting the same type of information. If your group contains such calls for action, people can leave it without hesitation. Besides, you can hardly find a positive reaction if you ask people to share posts which don’t bring any useful information.

It turns out that the most productive way to get likes and truly efficient promotion is to create the content which subscribers will gladly share without any requests.

Substandard or amateur images
Since modern websites focus on visual design, you should think about the quality of photos you publish. Remember, these pictures represent both you and your business. Thus, the information should be presented at its best.

Content overuse after a long silence
Sometimes, especially if you are the one who controls your company’s page on a social network, it may happen that you stop publishing fresh information for some period of time. In this case it is not necessary to compensate the lack of publication with a sudden avalanche of information. Don’t be afraid that many users will eventually lose interest in the page. However, this may happen if the users cannot understand the large number of posts, news and other things that “fall” on them like a bolt from the blue.

Do not try to publish as many posts as possible! For example, Facebook uses an algorithm to calculate EdgeRank, which takes into account the relevance or timeliness of the interaction with users. So it’s better to think over every post, especially when it comes to doing business.

Ignoring requests from users
If someone, for example, ask questions about your business or product, asks for advice and so on, it is wise to respond as quickly as possible. Try to organize the work of the page so that every day you could see these messages and respond to them in a timely manner.

Too many hashtags
Hashtags use reveales a great opportunity to manage information and to find the target audience. But you should remember that many users often abuse hashtags, using too many labels in a message, or using them to express sarcasm.

Regardless of the amount of information you post it is highly advised not to use more than 2-4 marks (for example, two hashtags are enough for a Twitter message). Though, you may use more hashtags in Instagram since the image is created for a wider audience there.

About the author:
Melisa Marzett is a skillful writer and expert in such fields as digital marketing, social media and advertisement. Other useful articles written by Melisa can be found at bestpaperwritingservice.org. It is easy to communicate with the author on Google+.

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