Digital Marketing with Social Media

Digital Marketing with Social Media

Digital Marketing with Social Media

Is Social Media relevant for Digital marketing? The topic of Social Media is always on the rise. Everywhere there are experts, practitioners and consultants who usually tell everyone who wants to hear about it, how important Social Media is. 

Recently, I received an invitation to an event on Social Media. With more than a dozen speakers who were all seasoned Social Media experts according to the brochure, and therefore ideally suited to introduce the congress participants in the secrets of the Social Media world.

Well, I made the effort and searched for the Klout score of each speakers. The Klout score indicates how active someone is on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and similar platforms.

Result: 2/3 of the speakers are either not at all or only very sporadically active on social platforms. But apparently they are still able to bring the world of Social Media to the eager audience. Everyone is a Social Media expert – the situation is similar to the European Football Championship: everyone is a national coach.

Social Media – some reservations:

  1. Gold Digger Mindset: In many companies there’s a growing fear of missing something. And the hope of being able to use the new Social Media trends. IT and Marketing agencies take advantage of this mindset
  2. Poor measurability: Social Media explodes, but no one is really able to measure the Social Media marketing effects
  3. Relevance: Does Social Media influence the competence and the competitive ability of a provider? There are hardly any successful business models, where Social Media results in direct sales. So far the only truly successful business model are the Social Media platforms.
  4. Reference to reality: Facebook and Twitter are quite virtual. What is the impact on real life?
  5. Set priorities: Marketing is complex. Success is for those who combine mix and priorities rightly. Often the focus is only on Social Media 

Digial Marketing with Social Media – Does It Work?
On the basis of my experience with Social Media platforms, this is my assessment:

  1. Social media is an ever-growing phenomenon. Facebook has stagnated somewhat, but per second, there are 13 new Twitter accounts, 1.1 million per day, or about 400 million new Twitter accounts per year
  2. Social media is very time-consuming and as a result costly for marketers
  3. Social media is now SEO relevant. Google does not consider Twitter links, Facebook links or Google Plus links. Through activities in Social Media, Google increases “trust” in your website, resulting in better positioning on search engines
  4. Social Media can actually drive significant traffic to your site
  5. Social Media does play a role in the purchase decision processes (referral marketing). However, tools to determine the exact influence of Social Media are lacking so far 

My advice
To the question “Should I incorporate Social Media into my Marketing Plan” I would reply: 

  1. Yes, but don’t rewrite your current mix. Simply incorporate Social Media in your Plan
  2. Integrate Social Media with your other marketing activities. Be careful with hiring Social Media gurus
  3. Remember that the starting point for successful marketing is your customer. It’s always been like this. Only those who understand their customers, can engage successfully in Marketing. Whether it be in printed media, digital media or Social Media 

Now let’s hear from you
We all have different experiences. Wouldn’t it be nice if you would share your experiences and opinions with us?

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