Read This Post If You Want To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Dramatically (Infograph)

Read This Post If You Want To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Dramatically (Infograph)

Read This Post If You Want To Increase Your Website Conversion Rate Dramatically (Infograph)

Ever wondered why some websites have an excellent conversion rate while others are doing quite bad in that respect? Do you also feel that your conversion could do better? Well, it turns out that your contact form may need some extra attention, allowing you to get far better results.

I came across this infograph on one of my web searches. The person who developed the infograph is Lisa Margetis, web designer and blogger at,  a dedicated server and cloud hosting provider that offers highly scalable, on-demand infrastructure services to both end-users and resellers primarily under monthly contracts. With clients in 114 countries, two Chicago-area data centers, one Phoenix-area data center, and over 10,000 servers online, SingleHop delivers state-of-the-art hardware, server management customization and Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Powerful and easy-to-read

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Now back to the infograph put together by Lisa. I find it pretty amazing that small differences in a  contact form design can have such a big impact on the conversion rates. The infograph is therefore a very valuable resource, especially for Marketers. Can we copy infograph content into our own website design and expect the same results? Maybe yes, maybe no. It’s a matter of experimenting and monitoring the results. I’m confident with the fact that you will all see a significant rise in your conversion rates. But if you don’t, I would be eager to know and most possibly, Lisa too.

Now it’s your turn
As always, I would love to hear your suggestions and comments. Enjoy your weekend.

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Errol van Engelen is owner at Bizzmaxx, a service provider specialized in improving your Sales Funnel. Solutions and services are in the areas of Digital Marketing and Social Media. His XeeMe helps you find all his social networks and groups on one page. 



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