This blog is intended to improving your Sales Funnel with the help of Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Technology and Marketing & Sales Alignment

Errol van Engelen is Owner/Director at Bizzmaxx, a marketing service provider specialized in improving your Sales Funnel performance. Our offerings include Digital Marketing, Marketing Technology and Marketing & Sales Alignment. Located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, we are able to deliver across Europe since we can staff projects with consultants from a pan-European network of freelance professionals.

For Marketing & Sales managers in large and midsized companies in e-Commerce, Finance, Retail, Telecom and Multinationals with European headquarters in the Benelux
Who need to improve Online exposure, Visitor-to-Client conversion, Customer insight or Marketing and Sales coöperation
Bizzmaxx’s Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation and Marketing & Sales Alignment capabilities
Are Marketing & Sales improvement services
That offer better leads and customers, synchronization with your business strategy and access to multiple online communities.
Unlike other Service Providers
Bizzmaxx focuses entirely on improving your Marketing & Sales funnel and the results that come with it.

Consulting, implementation and execution, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation, Marketing & Sales Alignment

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